Security lighting example needed


I’m a newbie, just finally come across from stringify!
I’m looking for an example piston where I can have numerous lights/switches turn on when its dark - not all at the exact same time as each other or at the same time each day. And then turn off again at a random time. I’d also like it to be SMH mode dependant.

Any help greatly appreciated.


Just to clarify for you. Modes such as Home, Day and Away are not part of SHM. SHM only has Alarm States such as Arm (Stay), Arm (Away) and Disarmed. Also, webCoRE does not work with SHM in the new STSC app. It only works with SHM in the Classic app.


Thanks @jkp using arm modes is fine, it’s what I meant! I also only use the classic app too!
Any suggestions for a suitable piston mate?


There is a native Smart Things Smart App that does this IIRC. You won’t need to use webcore.


You need to come up with an idea on how you want to trigger the alarm state. I use a combination of presence sensor (my phone - using both ST presence sensor and life360) and a set time.

I use the set time to set the alarm state at night to arm (stay) and at sunrise to disarm. I use the presence sensors to set arm states (away and disarmed.

Once you set that up, you can create an action -

With location
Set smart home status to either away, armed or off

So try and create a piston, then post it and folks will gladly help you finish it :slight_smile:

Also, you can use routines in the Classic app to set SHM status.