Setpoint manipulation



I started to experiment with webCore yesterday. I am trying to turn on a dehumidifier via an smartplug and set my hvac circulation fan to on when the humidity level in the house is over variable x. Everything works properly and I can set the value for the variable in webcore but I would like to set it via some sort of graphic interface in smartthings. I have searched but can’t figure out if this is possible.

Is there another way to change my variable/setpoint outside of the webcore editor?



Well, if webCoRE can see and control a device, then it means that SmartThings is already set up for that device.

On my Android, I open SmartThings, and then:
My Home > Things > Name of Device

From that screen, you’ll have a visual interface to do lots of things with that device…

Edit :
I just re-read your initial question. WebCoRE is required to change a webCoRE variable.
(Thankfully, it only takes a moment to change it and save the piston)


An advanced version of this is:
I can give a verbal command to Alexa, she’ll send a command to webCoRE, which changes a certain variable for me. (but all of this takes extra coding)


SmartThings Classic

In SmartThings (Samsung Connect), they are in Devices.


Yes, the Classic is the version I am happily using. :sunglasses:

The steps may be slightly different for the other version of the app.

Thanks for chiming in @jkp as I have been avoiding that version.


That is too bad you have to go into webcore to make a change like that. It would be awesome if there were some type of complimentary application that could build a front end (HMI?) for the pistons.


If you have programmed ahead of time, there are MANY ways to change a variable in webCoRE without opening webCoRE. (I can think of at least 20 ways, if you have taken the time to program in advance)

On the other hand, if you want to change a variable willy-nilly, with no forethought, then yes, you are stuck using webCoRE to change a variable in webCoRE. The Dashboard becomes your front end.


Could you by chance post the piston? It sounds like what ive been trying to setup with little success.