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Dont suppose you successfully use text to speech through webcore on any of your Sonos’? I’ve having a hell of a time getting it to be responsive.


I really liked the idea of the turning on/off indicator but not so much the gauges, just a personal preference. So, I had two choices, I was already using a modified Light Switch Status Tiles example so I could modify that or try to modify your code to deliver standard tiles. For now I went with the former though I like the tightness of your piston so may switch.

Here’s my Light Switch Tiles v0.3 featuring:

  1. No nullPointerException
  2. Light bulbs instead of switch icons (you’ll have to make changes if you want switches.)
  3. On/Off spinner which has a spinning circle and a flashing light bulb.



Yes, I use the Speak Text command and things seems to work well. I’m only doing announcements through one of my Sonos.