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I’m sure most of you are like me, I take a lot of pride and inner glory (definitely not shared with the OTHER members of my household!) in my home automation setup. At first it was just the SmartThings interface and devices, but now with the awesome power of WebCoRE, I can build that out farther.

Besides intense and advanced rule making we now have the ability the make use of Piston status messages and tiles. I have set myself up to utilize the dashboard as a kind of overview of the property. This helps when we are not home (or out on vacation). Glancing at my dashboard is a lot easier then scrolling through my SmartThings device list.

So here is my dashboard that I have setup so far (work in progress which never ends), if anyone else wants to share do so below.
If anyone wants more info on any of my Pistons just post below and I will break that Piston out to another topic, all ENABLED Pistons are operational.

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Here’s mine:

Mode (home, night, away) and lists people currently present
Security camera arm status (based on mode) as indicated by flash and linking tile
Kitchen is a group of switches (any one toggles all others)
Daily net power consumption/production & daily cost (so far) as well as current consumption/production
AC status

Average temperature and humidity inside and outside
Chicken Coop status (the piston monitors much more)
Daily Solar production and current power
Energy monitor (tile shows current power usage and daily total - additional tile is visible while electric car is charging
Battery monitor and alert

Hourly and daily weather forecasts


Hi. How do you where do you create the dashboard? Sorry I’m new and still trying to figure somethings out. I have already imported the examples from the example pistons on the Wiki.


Check this out


Bit of mess here …


Mine need some cleaning before I share. :slight_smile:

@Nezmo how is your load time? Mine is less crowded than yours but still takes 2-4 seconds to load on a 1GBs connection.

EDIT : wait a minute… Are you working for Sonos or something? :hushed:


Holy crap @Nezmo… Mine is a toy compared to yours :smiley:

And since I know people will start asking about the cameras…



@bthrock Nice, I’d be interested to know what is running your “Shower” tile! Is that just the light in the shower? or are you monitoring waterflow?

@ady624 D’em some sweet looking tiles, I’m going to get working on mine!

@Nezmo Ummm, yea, thats a lot. I love the Fridge idea though, whats it plugged in to? and can you share that Piston?


What cams are you using/recommanding?


I am using DLink 1xDCS5222L and 4xDCS2332L and am NOT recommending them :smiley: bad video quality. 720p sucks.


I’d imagine any IP camera that you can find the JPEG url to, most cameras that are ONVIF compliant will have such a feature. You can search for them simply online, here is AN EXAMPLE…


Ah, should have clarified that one. We have a Hot Water Recirculating pump to provide instant hot water in the Master Bedroom vanity and shower (which are of course located as far from the water heater as you can get). It’s both a convenience and a water saver, which we installed during the height of the drought in California.

The pump has a mechanical timer so you can limit its use to only the times you need it, but it was awkward to set under the sink and constantly affected by power outages, daylight savings time, etc. I replaced the timer with a smartplug, which not only gives me a lot more granular control, but allows me to run or not run the pump based on presence. We also have a virtual switch (named “shower”) so we can turn in on manually if needed. Why “Shower”? Simply because “Hot Water Recirculating Pump” was too much of a mouthful for our Amazon echo. :grinning:


For Piston Category I only have the option of Uncategorized. I don’t see where I can go into settings and set categories and attributes for them. Where are these located? Thanks for your help


@MWheeler72 Left navication bar “Settings”


Ok. Got it. Thank you


I used to have a camera on there. However, since my camera doesn’t support https it is no longer allowed as to macOS 10.13 :cry:


I’m on a 75Mb connection and my load times are anything from a few seconds to 10-15.

Very nice!

I have two fridges plugged in to Zooz Smart Plugs. I have the on/off tile because there is an issue right now with some of these devices reporting ghost on/off commands when the switch is not actually turning on or off. As I have a fridge plugged in I want to monitor this closely.

Here’s the piston (I have another piston that sends me a push notification if there’s a change of ‘on/off’ state.)

LOL, no, I don’t work for Sonos. I just love their stuff. Talk about a flawless system.


Context: you have taken an example piston that displays tiles and modified it to your system – correct?
Now you want to see the tiles display.

I just did this yesterday let’s see if I can help.

Go to your WebCore dashboard => Settings Categories => add category => Details/Tiles, Then name the category and add your piston to it. That should get them to display



I’m trying to figure out the full syntax of the piston tile title, which I presume is similar to:

[img wide=1 refresh=3 src=https://username:[email protected]_address:port//video/mjpg.cgi

but I’m not sure about the end of that line, where you have “4|]” or how you are getting the larger tiles. I can see my camera in the tile, but it’s still short and barely wider than a standard tile.