Simulated Power Meter device handler


There appears to have been one in the default devices at some point, but now I can’t seem to find one. I’m basically setting a bunch of variables based on smart power switches, and I want to add them up. I have it all functioning using a virtual temperature sensor, but it has the degree symbol next to it.

Am I just being thick here and missing something?


If you are using ActionTiles, then the display is quite limited.

If, on the other hand, you are coding and displaying entirely in webCoRE, you can use a decimal variable to store and display the total instead of using a virtual temp sensor.


Yes, it’s for actiontile purposes. It just seems bizarre to me that power is still a valid item, but there is no virtual device for it.


I agree… I prefer customizing webCoRE’s Dashboard since there is infinite display options…

Although, if you are patient, they do take suggestions over in their forums.


I have a feeling @digital_janitor is trying to do something like @Pantheon was doing in this thread.


Thanks @eibyer, I was looking for that link to share, LOL


I’m basically adding up all Power Meters into a Watts total tile, for comparative use to my neurio whole house watts. I did end up getting it to work by modifying the Simulated Temperature Sensor with help from ERO4444 over at the smartthings forum.

My solution here

Thanks everyone for the responses!