Smart Home Monitor status on WS200+ Switch LED


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need lots of help. i’m using “is” which i don’t think is a valid trigger and i don’t understand how to set the led color

2) What is the expected behaviour?
when smart home monitor is armed i would like to change the led color to red, when disarmed return to normal

3) What is happening/not happening?

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You are no longer able to control SHM directly using webcore so those commands in your piston no longer work. This is a result of the classic app and that part of the platform being shutdown. STHM which is available in the new app is not open to webcore. You can use virtual devices to control STHM through webcore.


i don’t what to control, i want to set the state of shm on led


ok, I amend my statement… you can not directly control or access the status of STHM in the new app. Again, the SHM lines in your piston will not work. :slight_smile:


got it, how can i accomplish what i want?


You can create virtual devices which you can set with automations --> when STHM status changes, change the virtual device. Then use webcore or automations based on those virtual devices to change the led color


this may help. I’ve seen other threads on ST that offer more details


Automation right now are very unreliable. we use to be able to do “when things quiet down” and it worked, now it doesn’t work using a bunch of motion sensors…

but i guess that is what i have to do as you suggested…
is “is” correct, will it fire; or do i need “changes to”?

darwinsden example is not clear to me for setting color, he has:
setStatusLed(0, 1, 1);
and all i can figure out is string which is wrong.


I would use “changes to” in at least one to get your trigger but I’ll let the experts help you with the piston coding.


ok piston triggers with STHM, but i’m not manipulating the led correctly. how do i enter darwindens string “setStatusLed(0, 1, 1)”, enter as integers…
switch is ws200+ (switch, not dimmer)


got it! I created a virtual switch “Home Monitor Armed” with two automation, one to turn on when home monitor is armed and the other off when home monitor disarmed.
the led configuration parameters are integers, insert 3.
the third parameter is blinking rate, 0 is steady and 10 is once per second.