Smart Home Monitor with New Smartthings App and webCoRE


I have a newbie question and not sure of the correct category. I have a Smartthings hub 2nd generation using the new Smartthings App on a Samsung Android phone. I use a number of multipurpose sensors, motion detectors and two smoke detectors with the Smartthings Home Monitor within the new Smartthings App to monitor my home. I use webCoRE to program simple tasks for timers, motion controlled lights etc.


  1. Should I be using the Smartthings Home Monitor smart app in the new app to monitor my home if I am also using webCoRE for other tasks? In other words, should I be programming security pistons to monitor my home instead of using the Home Monitor within the app?
  2. What is the relationship / interaction between the two (Home Monitor and webCoRE) and will they be in conflict if I use both simultaneously such as for plug timers while using Stay Away home monitoring with the Home Monitor smart app in the ST new app

Thanks for your advice