SmartThings backup


I have been searching and reading the ST and webcore forums for information about backing up my ST/webcore system. It appears that the ST system cannot be backed up and a hub failure likely will require rebuilding your entire system nearly from scratch. I know we can backup our webcore pistons. How is everyone here addressing the need to backup our ST systems?


I have been playing around with Hubitat. I have my shop on Hubitat now and I have bought a second hub and plan on moving over ST from the house soon.

I have had the hub for a couple weeks now and have been putting it off, because I don’t won’t to do it all at once and when I start thinking about it I keep deciding I am not in the mood to start the task yet. Everything in ST is working pretty well right now.

The idea though, that someday my hub is going to die and then I am going to be forced to do it makes me want to switch away from ST.