SmartThings & Edge


Now that groovy is being deprecated, is there a way to host WebCore on a local server?


I would not count on it. Even if it was possible, it would be a huge commitment in time and resources to code it to work with ST. Since the change was announced a few years back, no one has stepped forward to take on this task.

If you wish to continue using webCoRE, you can switch over to Hubitat.

Alternatives to webCoRE on the ST platform:

  • SharpTools but you may lose some features
  • Rules API


There’s Node-RED that can apparently be run both locally with SmartThings and through SmartThings via an SSL webhook and API Token, but I have yet to find an A-Z guide on how to do either of them. It’s not an easy connection, in my opinion, as if you had Home Assistant - there, they just work together without much hassle.