Smelly Dog Remedy


Not my proudest achievement or something that I would call to tell Mom, but it is a bit of technology to improve my health and comfort. I will try to keep this at an adult level. Hopefully it helps someone or provides endless entertainment to six year olds.

  • Upon audible or olfactory detection of canine flatulence, I advise Google Assistant (via my Android phone) of the offense.
  • Through IFTTT, Google Assistant posts a webhook (http provided from WebCoRE piston)
  • This piston receives the webhook and turn on every fan in the house for a few minutes (using Bond fan control integration to Smartthings).

While the piston is straightforward, the integration required learning a few tricks. Other than the Bond bridge, no hubs or physical assistants are employed. There may be more elegant and direct options if you have additional hardware.

Word of advice - make the Google Assistant commands as clear and concise as possible. In my initial test, saying “Bo farted” was interpreted as “Pho Fart” and provided links to websites about foods that produce stink. When action is needed, it is important to conserve both breath and time.


OK, I will take a crack at this…

Everyone nose that this topic can be a real stinker…
(who cut the Limburger?)

Some would argue that every household needs a dog to blame… :angel:
… butt, I’d like to think that I have more scents than that…

We could probably have a gas… passing… witty remarks all day, but honestly, all that seems to be missing from your piston is a “theme song” playing during fumigation… :musical_note:


… and now for something, completely different:

Yes… In that noxious moment, you do not want to inhale, repeat, or scramble to try to remember the exact phrase… It’s doubtful you will be thinking (or breathing) clearly at the time…

If it helps, don’t forget you can create multiple phrases to all execute the same piston.

On that note, you can additionally use a button, either physical, or on your desktop, (as well as other methods) to fire up the fans. (The more ways the fans can be turned on, the quicker it will likely happen)


I suggest you wear a spacesuit


Good point … and test each one of them. I was working through testing them when I found that at least one or two could easily confuse Google. If I could reproduce the noise that my wife makes - similar to walking into a cobweb, but with less karate gestures - then it would be a sure-fire trigger.

By getting this piston working, I was motivated to replace another pull-chain fan and now four are controlled. It was battle tested last night with good results. If more reinforcements are needed, I may add the HVAC blower fan via the thermostat.


Not really SmartHome related, but if this is a common event in your house, one could always try a different diet. That can make a 100% difference.