SOLVED: How to Cancel a Task that's already scheduled, and counting down to execute later today?


[NOTE: This is NOT critical. Nothing is going to be hurt if I can’t get this figured out, or if there is simply no way of doing this.]

I have a piston that makes something happen at a particular time on every day within a particular date range.

The date range used to include today. So, the piston has already set the intended task up for execution today, and I can see it counting down in webCoRE.

I changed my mind about the date range to no longer include today.

So, I modified the piston to reflect that change.

Now, the scheduled task is still counting down for the previously intended execution time today.

How do I stop the current countdown for today’s execution time?

p.s. I did some searching, but wasn’t able to find what I was looking for. Not saying it’s not here. lol I just didn’t find it. I assume this must have been addressed at some point already.


If you edit the piston, and change the date range, once you save it, it won’t do anything when the schedule wakeup happens.


A simulated switch and CANCEL PENDING TASKS might be helpful.

IF switch a changes to ON
Cancel All Pending Tasks

It works with WAIT but never tried with a timer FYI.


Aha. So, the currently scheduled task is simply for it to wake up and reevaluate, and since the date will not include today, it will simply fail the condition and exit?


Well, it may depend on the structure of your piston, but generally speaking, yes.


Yep. Thanks.
I tested with that, but it did not have any effect on the already scheduled actions.
Of course, I now see that, when it wakes up at the scheduled time, it won’t actually do anything.

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile: