Some kind of global log


More of a general debugging question. I seem to have a light that gets triggered by something. It could be some routine from GH, but I suspect I may have a typo somewhere in one of the pistons. I was wondering if there is an easy way to look at the event happening around that time and figure out what piston (if it was a piston) triggered that light. Thanks!


I am not sure if you can still sign up for an IDE account at smartthings but that’s one of the ways you can see historical logs for the device events.

Might be a question for the folks more up to date in the ST forums.


So let’s say one suspects that a piston tigger’s a device it should not. Is there a way to sort out which piston was the trigger? Is there a device view of sorts. Thanks


Not in webCoRE, you will need the hub platform’s device event history for that.