Something was on for at least 10 minutes?



All I added to my IF’s in my piston is STAYS and it seems not to trigger anymore.

My piston is supposed to run when there’s motion upstairs at a certain time in the morning. So…

  • (The main IF) Sensor changes to active
    … then the rest are a check for when …
  • Kettle Switch has been turned on for at least 10 minutes
    … comes on via my phone alarm…
  • It’s dark outside
  • a certain switch is off
  • Location Mode is HOME
  • a certain switch is off

… do the rest of the piston if all conditions are met.

BUT… I think the STAYS is the issue (it’s the only thing new added).
I don’t wan’t it to be a trigger, just a check to see if kettle was turned on for at least 10 minutes after being off all night.

Am I using or misunderstanding STAYS? Is there an alternative just to check?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :slight_smile:


You are correct. It is rare that two triggers are both true at the same instant.
You can change the trigger on line 25 to a condition, and it should work.

For reference, the top part of the drop down are conditions, and the lower part are triggers:

IE: Changing to WAS should do the trick:


This should remove the lightning bolt on line 25