Sonos Dog Barking


Is there a way in webcore to trigger the dog barking function on a Sonos speaker. Or if not can webcore make Sonos play a dog bark mp3 that I have on a media server?


Use this uri in play this sound field

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Yes, as long as the mp3 is correctly formated and accessible from a browser.


Thankyou, got it working now.


I like this - anyone use the Bose Soundtouch 10 or 20 have any luck? Bluetooth loves to drop out after playing sounds…


Recently got the Fabriq speaker. Tried this dog barking mp3 and its awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Where can I download these mp3’s ?
Would like to know what kind of mp3’s are out there so that I can accordingly link to the various piston.


@MikeNunley or @Bdobrescu, do either of you have a piston you can share for this type of thing?


here is one - doorbell get pushed and dogs barking is played on speaker.


Thanks @jkp. Still new to this and wasn’t sure where the play track command was. I will go play with this now :slight_smile:


Is it possible to do so on Echo or say talker/bigtalker?