Speaker for ST/Webcore


Hi, Does anyone know of a speaker that is fairly cheap that I can connect to ST and use with webcore that I can push notification to and give an announcement. For example, when I enter a certain geofence “Dad is on the way home”


I used to use a Fabriq speaker for that using a Dlna device handler to do it, but have since moved over to sonos for this, mainly sound quality reasons.


I use sonos speakers… (somewhere from $150 - $200)
I never used echo speak but I understand that it works and echo dots gotten rather cheaper (around $50)


I’m using a Samsung R3


I am using an old speaker from 1980 and this method.
(Depending on what you have laying around the house, your total expense could be $5)


Echo Dots paired with Echo Speaks work for this. I have been using them for several months with great success.


Google Home and GH Mini’s work well when used with the cast-web-api (https://github.com/vervallsweg/cast-web-api#installation)


Hello, I would like to be able to have a way to announce events through Alexa. How is that done? Also, how do you get Smartthings to recognize the Echo as a speaker. I would like to be able to announce the event through all Echos. Thx.


Echo Speaks integration with SmrtThings.


This is perfect. I would like to be able to announce different events based on person or time on all my Echos. It is going to drive my family nuts. Thx.