ST and Hubitat interacting together?


Hi. I’m a relatively new WebCoRE user, I’m using Z-Wave blinds controllers, wifi switches, hue lights, a Neato vacuum, z-wave button controllers and some more devices to automate my home. I’m currently using a SmartThings hub and it’s mostly OK but the thing I don’t like is the lag between button pushes and actions.

I’ve been reading a bit about Hubitat and I’m interested in this option to run WebCoRE locally, but there are some devices like my Neato vacuum which are not compatible with Hubitat. I would like to know if it is possible to migrate all my compatible devices to my Hubitat and leave those which are not compatible in the SmartThings environment, and have two WebCoRE instances interacting. For example, when I leave home my blinds close and my Neato vacuum cleans the floors, and I already have all these pistons working perfectly. Is it possible to move the buttons and blinds to Hubitat and link the devices easily inside the WebCoRE pistons?

I understand that those devices that are on the ST network will not be available if the network is down, and will keep being laggy, but is it possible (and easy) to have the best of both worlds?



There may be options, you likely want to look at:

Specifically in the " Multiple Hubitat Hubs / SmartThings Device Integration" section, and more specifically at HubConnect. You may have to interact in this thread to see if this device can be virtualized into HE.


In the past two weeks I moved from SmartThings over to Hubitat. I was able to port nearly all of my devices but a few are not compatible. Using an app called HubConnect I mirror all my devices between the two platforms. The un-compatible devices remain on SmartThings but I am still able to control them using HubConnect. This means all my automatons are run from Hubitat and seamlessly control devices on both platforms. Of course if the network goes down you loose control of cloud devices. Running HubConnect for the past several weeks I have noticed no increased lag over what was already present on SmartThings.


Any idea if all the parameters WebCoRE sees are mirrored? Like, I’m using the battery level of some devices as triggers in pistons,would those numbers be visible across platforms?



The device is " Local " on ST. When i move that device to HE and use HubConnect, that device now is " Cloud " on ST.


Have you tried tweaking the ST Neato handler to run on HE?

In the code, it’s often just a case of changing all instances of “physicalgraph” to “hubitat”, and it might just work.