ST to Hubitat Piston Question


I made the jump from ST to Hubitat earlier this week. I finally have everything up and running but did have a question about 1 particular shared Piston I found a while back and had running on ST. It monitored a Device to see if it was online or not, whether it was a dead battery or the tricky Aqara Sensors that fall off occasionally. The field it was checking was Status ($status) a field I could also see in the IDE. However in Hubitat I do not see a field called Status so I’m concerned it will not work properly.


I’m not aware Hubitat device status works the same as ST, but it likely is a question to ask in the Hubitat forum and we can include victor on it there (one of the HE developers).


Thanks, I’ll go post it on over there.


For what it’s worth, the $status variable reports as ACTIVE or INACTIVE in the HE version of webcore. I believe it is calculated based on the devices last activity (within 24 hours) but that is just my assumption based on what I see.

I use a similar piston that notifies me of inactive devices…quick test of the device would reveal if it is truly offline