Stop auto light leve adjustment if I adjust manually


I have a piston that every 30 minutes sets light level based on the lux measured outside. E.g. at night when light is below 4 lux the indoor lights dim down.

However, sometimes I set the indoor light level manually in the ST app, e.g. full light at night. This works fine, but when the piston runs again it will adjust back to the programmed level based. Is there any way to avoid this, so that if I change light level manually, they will stay that way?


My initial thought is to use a virtual switch that is activated when you adjust manually and reset every day. When that switch is on, it keeps your Piston from adjusting the light level. If that switch is off, then you’re piston functions normally.


Post a pic of your piston so we may suggest edits.


Here’s a reduced version of the piston (the original one contains more levels based on lux levels and time of day). The variable EnableMotionTrigger is there to avoid lights from turning on when I have switched them off manually.

So what I’m trying to do is avoid auto adjusting levels where I have manually set the level. Preferably only for the specific light that I have adjusted.


Please show us a green shot so that we can see device names (they are disguised names in the green shot).


You need to modify the piston so that it adjusts the lights just the one time at dusk when illuminance drops below your 1500lx threshold. Your current piston is adjusting the lights every time you get an updated illuminance reading.