Stop piston from completing if switch turned on


Current piston is for when I let the dogs out at night, the light comes on automatically. When I let them back in a couple minutes later, the light automatically turns off when the door closes. This works great as designed.

What I need help with is adding a condition for when the grass is wet and I need to wipe the dog’s paws before they come back in.
Situation: I let dogs out to do their business. Couple minutes later, I open door and go outside to wipe off wet/muddy paws. When I step outside and close door, light turns off. Then I have to open door again to re-trigger piston.

Is there a way to toggle the smart switch (GE z-wave+) on while it’s already on, and have that action pause or cancel the piston? Current piston below (ignore switch 12).



You’re going to need some other device to help with that… alexa or google home to flip a virtual switch (if you have one of those). Not sure if your device supports double tap etc.


Ah, yep, I’m dumb. I just realized the switch that controls the light is capable of double tap, so I can just use that function to turn on a virtual switch, which I can then use to stop the piston from turing the light off.

I’ll set that up and post the new piston here for a sanity check. Thanks.


If it supports double tap, you can skip the virtual switch and try to use ‘Cancel all pending tasks’ instead.


Oh, ok. Where/how do I do that?


I don’t have a double tap-capable switch but you’d build it the same way as if you’re flipping a switch…

If trigger_for_double tap
   with switch
    Cancel all pending tasks
  end with
end if


OK, I think I got it. Does this look right?
Contact Sensor 2 is the door itself.
Keypad 3 is the light switch (not sure why it says keypad)
Ignore switch 12.


I just rearranged it a little bit… might need testing


Awesome, I’ll give it a try this evening. Thanks!


I added a motion sensor in the vicinity of each door controlled light.
Motion has to stop for a few mins to turn off the light.
As long as movement is active, the light stays on