Strange Hue Off Behavior in Webcore


Hello, I’ve noticed something weird with my Hue bulbs and I was wondering if there is something I can do to fix it. I have two pistons that do the exact same thing but I only have one of them active at a time to test between them.

On one, the group of Hue lights is defined as a device variable and that variable is used throughout the piston. With this one, whenever the device variable gets sent “Turn Off”, the Hue bulbs turn off instantly without dimming.


On the second, the Hue lights are defined in-line instead of through a variable. With this one, whenever the list of Hue lights gets sent “Turn Off”, the Hue bulbs fade off.


Why is there a difference and is there something I can do to make them consistent? I’m trying to make template pistons like the first one that I can easily change for each room instead of going through and changing everything line by line, but I would want the bulbs to dim.


Do you have a simplified piston that demonstrates the difference? Something we can import and try.


Turns out I had two pistons that were both sending “Turn Off” commands to the same lights at the same time because I forgot to pause the duplicate during testing. If I pause it, everything works fine.

I know some people were looking for ways to get Hues to turn off instantly, this might have found a way heh. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: