Stream a PC to a TV in another room


I just ordered a device called a Steam Link… It’s basically a tiny streaming box, that plugs into a modem and any HDMI TV or projector. It is designed for gamers who have a powerful PC in one room, but want to play games in another room. It relays the sound & video, from the PC to the TV, and it relays the mouse & keyboard (or gamepad) commands from the TV to the PC. (it can mirror the entire PC, so it is not just for gamers)

A few caveats:

  • It requires a hard wire to the modem. (massive amounts of data)
  • It requires the PC to be on & not doing something else while streaming
  • It requires a free account to purchase

It has 3 USB ports, so a mouse and keyboard can basically turn your projector/big screen into a giant computer. Or they sell a game controller as well to control the PC from the other room.

I ordered the Steam Link & Controller bundle since I have heard good things about the controller. (it duals as a gaming controller and a mouse/trackpad)

Just so you know, the controller is not required if you have an extra mouse and keyboard or an extra PS4 / Xbox controller, although you may loose the vibration and certain features on other controllers I think.

This device usually goes on sale at an extreme discounted once a year…

Here is the link to the sale page:

If you have ever wanted to control your PC from another room, this may be the device for you… (there are some optional game bundles on that link as well, but none of them include the required Steam Link, so make sure you pay attention when adding to cart)


My Steam Link just arrived in the mail. It includes a HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable as well as the power adapter and cable… (so there’s no need to buy any extra cables) It also came with 3 power adapters to plug into the wall if you are outside the United States.

Definitely the best 10 dollars I have spent all year.

My Steam Controller came in as well. That one comes with batteries, a USB dongle, and a 5 foot extension cable…

Time to test this baby out!!


I have been playing around with my new Steam Controller for the past week, and I gotta say, it is the most powerful controller I have ever used!! Every button is programmable. There are two touch pads that can simulate a trackball, mouse, joystick etc. with full control of the sensitivity as well.

The touch sensitive pads also have the ability to have one command activated in the center of the wheel, and a different command as your thumb reaches the outer area of the pad. (great for walking & running)

There is a gyro sensor built in for precision movements (great for aiming). It does take a bit to get used to, but is definitely worth it!

One of my favorite features is the ability to create touch sensitive overlays (AKA Radial Dials) with custom icons, colors & placement… So now one button can activate up to 20 other buttons.

(here is an example from Arma 3)

Every single button can be triggered by pressing… or an alternative command can be sent when HOLDING the button… and a different command can be sent when double clicking on it.

You can also program one button to press multiple buttons, so for example, move forward and sprint can be bound to one button to make game play easier.

There is also shift overlays as an option… so, for instance, when a certain button is pressed, all the assigned buttons change. This is great if you want one setup for walking/shooting, and another setup for driving/flying.

I am probably forgetting some features, but there are also two bonus grip buttons activated by squeezing either hand. (these make great shift buttons)

Anyways… All-in-all, a great investment, and definitely worth the time it takes to get familiar with it. It may be the only way to use a controller on a game designed strictly for a mouse & keyboard. (any game that has too many commands for a normal controller)