Stringify is shutting down



I thought it was neat that they mentioned WebCORE in the shutdown email.


I was a long time Stringify user. Now I am getting started with WebCORE as an alternative. looks to be very powerful.


Before I got my ST Hub, I’d already made a fair commitment to Stringify flows. Got my Hub which completely changed the piece meal of apps I had before, read about WebCoRE and thought it’d solve some of the short comings of Stringify and IFTTT, configured it, and then opened up the interface and saw it was some blank script editor and just went “ugh!”. I figured maybe someday I’d get back to it. Then I got the email from Stringify, “Double Ugh!”, and looked back into WebCoRE. In the end that Stringfy email may well have been the best email I’ve gotten in a long time, night and day difference. All the things I didn’t like about Stringify, it’s limitations, missing integrations, etc, all solved. I also had no idea that the WebCoRE Piston editor was as easy to use as it is. When I first looked at it I thought it would be a lot of digging to learn some new scripting language, had no idea that you could just select statements, logic and devices and go… and it’s browser based and not fiddling with some ridiculous phone app to do things. While I’m sad to see a major player in the IoT automation game check out so early this has shown me that the Smartthings Hub was the right decision, and even that I was thinking up until the last minute I was going to get a Wink Hub just because there was some integration it supported that Smartthings didn’t, which turned out to be a non-issue. Which, only a few months later, looks like they may be the next one out.


I am also a STINGIFY refugee. I have redone almost all my previous functionality and have about 30 pistons. Webcore much more powerful and flexible but more challenging. My biggest issue, is I have a number of Insteon switches and plugs that I was able to integrated with Stringify, but now are useless. I have been spending many hours trying to get the DHL for Insteon switches to work without any success.


Is Insteon the one controled by the ISYsomething device?