Stringify refugee struggling


I am a bit pressed for time at the moment, but I wanted you to get familiar with the dragging & dropping of code, since that is used in nearly every piston I edit.

I would probably structure your original request something like this

Notice this structure has only one trigger. (IF Outside Temp changes)

Everything else must remain as conditions for this logic to flow correctly.

I am using AccuWeather for my outside temp above, but any device that reports temp should work. On the other hand, if you are trying to use $twcweather for the outside temperature, then this piston will not work.
(You’d have to program periodic polling to find the current temp)


sorry for the delay in posting- the day after WCmore was gracious enough to build me a piston was the last day ive had decent enough weather to put the piston in play. its been raining and low 60’s here since so i wasnt able to fully test things but based on the one day i had good weather i decided to put in a temp threshold since i believe the piston was firing every time the outside temp became lower than the thermostat temp after all, i just want to know the 1st instance of the temps being equal so i can turn the ac off and open up the windows. . i also added an sms message when this occurs so if im outside or whatever i will still know the temps are even.



Should @Uturn68 be worried about the “Unknown Device” in the first IF statement?

Does this mean that webCoRE doesn’t know what it is?


Im fairly certain that when a piston is uploaded all devices are given generic descriptors so people cant tell what your layout is and so that someone can use it with their own devices


Yes, but the generic names usually describe the device. Such as “Switch 1” “RGB Bulb 2” “Contact Sensor 3”…

I’ve never come across a generic name as “Unknown Device”.

I’m just wondering if webCoRE doesn’t recognize the device.