Switching to Hubitat -- I feel so stupid


I had 40 pistons running nicely in SmartThings. I was dealing with some personal issues and I haven’t done much with my smart devices in the past couple of years.

Well, everything stopped working when webCore was shut down on SmartThings. Grrrr.

So, I’m trying to move things over to HE. I’ve imported all my pistons. I have several Home Seer HD200+ dimmers. In WebCore for ST, I could send parameters or use the setswitchmode*** comands like this…


But those commands are not available in webCore…

I was hoping that the configure command would allow parameters to be sent to the device, but it doesn’t…


But no parameters available…

I’m not sure if this is a case of Chemo-brain or I am genuinely missing something or there is something so different that I just can’t figure out.

Help! Please


I’m not familiar with the device, but suspect the issue is caused by the device handler. It would be worth looking to see which handlers are available for HE. If you still have access to the ones used on ST, I dont know if they would work, or would need modifying for HE.

I migrated from ST to HE, and had to do some work to find the best device handlers, there are some very good community written/maintained ones.


The driver is available in HE. Is there any way to see the driver code? Perhaps, I could modify it and install it as a custom driver.

Unless you are saying to use the ST driver in HE. Would that even work?


I’m no expert with drivers, however, I dont think there would be any issue trying the ST code if you have it. You can always change back if it doesn’t work. I suspect you cant change the HE driver code, but it’s worth looking to see if there are any better community written drivers. I found this to be the case with some fibaro drivers

Not sure if this helps or if its the same device?


What, exactly, are you trying to do with the switch?

I have two of these that change light colors/blinking based on open doors and windows. I did notice when I switched over that one of the commands in my piston didn’t carry over from ST to HE because there was a small difference in the command (I think it was setStatusLed to setStatusLED.)

You can try this
SetstatusLed(Which light, Which color, Flash);

Here’s my piston for doors and windows


The LEDs are super bright.

It I set it to status normal, the LEDs turn off when the lights in the room are off. I only want the LEDs as status lights during the day.

In ST, I could change back and forth. In HE, I cannot.


They are not portable 1:1 all the time. Frequently there are not many changes necessary but there are distinct differences with the way Hubitat is implemented vs. smart things. Anything to do with a button for example is completely different in Hubitat.


This was a driver issue. I finally found a driver that works and accesses all of the switches capabilities.