Synology MP3 play through Google Home on trigger


Long story short, I was prior able to get this to work with using a web server I rented. Due to multiple factors I am not using it anymore and moved what files I used on it to my Synology NAS.

Through my current setup I can get the TTS function to work just fine so I know my link to my Google Home speakers is fine. So I’m assuming it’s some Synology setting I can’t find that will let me do this.

The code I have is basically this

If front door motion changes to active
With google home mini and display
Play track http://username:[email protected] address:port/music/smart-home-voice/Someone-is-at-the-front-door-1.mp3

Obviously replace the username, password, IP address, and port.

When doing this through my computer the file comes up similar how it did on the web server.

Does anyone have an idea how to get it to work?