Talking noitifications


Just wondering if anybody is using special talking apps such as Bigtalker? I am using voicerss for my TTS but the voice is very humdrum. I was wondering if anybody had better suggestions for better voices?


I use VLC Thing by geko on a raspberry pi and CHIP computer (currently unavailable), the voice service used I believe is from amazon also so it sounds like alexa.


I have sonos speakers. Not sure if this would be helpful to me.


Ah, yep, vlc thing is the poor man’s version of the sonos :slight_smile:


Yeah, I have sonos speakers and I have setup this node-sonos on my Unraid server so that I can use GET requests to send text to speech sentences to the sonos speakers. IE when someone gets home it will say Welcome Home (name)!. But it is using voicerss api and it is just so plain. Just wondered if there was another way to get a better voice.


I use an Aeotec Doorbell. It can store up to 100 mp3 files that can be selectively played based on your WC pistons.
I used text to speech websites to create text messages in mp3 format.
“Water has been detected in the basement”
“Back door has been left unlocked”
“Welcome home Diane” etc.

It might be a good option for you.


I use sonos notify with sound that someone wrote in the ST community it great because you can create whatever you voice you want against any action, so back door left open will speak “Back Door Open” and point it to whatever speaker system you have have, I use an Airstream DNLA receiver with a cheap amp and ceiling speakers and works perfect. The voice sounds just like Alexa, I think it uses Amazon voice services…



Can you be a bit more specific? Do you have a SONOS device or are you just saying that you are using something called “sonos notify” with a DNLA receiver?


hi sorry not been on here for a while, no i use Sonos notify with sound and a dnla player which is a DigyFunk cobblestone playe, works a treat with all voice interactions…


So far I think best way is setting up a logitech media server. With the DTH for ST, you can configure each speaker including google homes/minis/old android phones to whatever voice you want individually (since I think webCore does not have this capability yet).