Tasker Profile Triggers Webcore piston to Speak incoming phone caller name on an Echo Device


I have a TASKER profile on my phone that waits for any incoming phone call and upon a call, it issues an HTTP GET web call to this piston. Switch 36 is a virtual switch to turn on and off the announcements when I desire. $args.name is the parameter of the phone number /name of the caller passed from tasker. The logic that parses the phone number is for numbers that have no caller ID…ie not in my Google contacts. Numeric phone numbers are translated to the format 9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9 so that they are spoken as digits and not as some huge number. The “Speak” command uses the Echo Speaks Smartapp to speak the incoming caller name or number. @Echo_Location is a global variable that I use to target which Echo that I want to speak to. You can hard code an Echo Device if desired.