Temperature Records API using Google sheets



In anticipation of @wcmore’s latest creation, I needed a Temperature API for my area. I found a PDF report with all the data and was able to copy it into a tab on my SmartThings Google Sheet. Using the read script, I created a block of code that can be used to extract the data for today’s date (or any given date).

Here is a sample of the data I collected:

The full year looks like this. I also have 3 and 7 day averages but I will wait to see the usage to determine which i want to use.

Here is the block of code that extracts the data. I just calculate what day of the year I need and then extract that row.

If you can find and create a spreadsheet with the data, this is a quick and easy way to access if you install (or already have) the google sheets read script.

API with avg/record high & low for today at my location?

Lookin’ real good!

The only missing data point is the day’s average.
(which can either be in the spreadsheet, or calculated back in webCoRE)

(AvgMax + AvgMin) / 2 = Average

This will give us good context when we compare to the current TWC data.