Tesla API Access


Has anyone noticed the API access seems to have gone down? I’ve not had anything running since the end of last winter. I mainly use it to pre-heat the car before I go to work.


My pistons were all working well until recently. I haven’t had time yet to take a closer look at what the issue might be.


I wondering if it’s from my end somehow. Nothing has been altered in my WebCoRE code, but I do plug in the access token from what TeslaFi automatically refreshes. Unless vehicle ID has changed since last winter? I’m assuming it’s always the same?


Well, whatever problems I was having seemed to have been resolved, so the updated webCoRE code from March of this year is not the problem. Whether what I experienced was the result of an internet connection issue, a temporary issue with the API, or something else, I don’t know.

I can’t say whether the vehicleID has changed or not, as I haven’t really been tracking that, but that would be simple enough to refresh.