Thank you Hubitat!


I woke this morning to a piston that was not working in HE. So I opened the WebCoRE dashboard to investigate and apparently something was corrupted, because I could not open the piston. Panic started to set in, then…

Oh yeah, HE backs up everything automatically every day. So I just did a restore from yesterday’s backup and just a couple of minutes later, everything is working fine.

If this had been on ST, I would have spent hours figuring out the problem, since there is no backup.

I am so glad I made the switch. And thank you to all who have been active in porting WebCoRE over to Hubitat!


What caused the corruption? I’ve never seen that happen.


No idea. All I know is my piston was not working and I couldn’t access it on the WC dashboard. We did have a storm last night, so I’m not ruling out a power surge.


Interesting. Thanks.