The WebCoRE STApp can't control indoor units of the Samsung air conditioner VRF system


Maybe someone does know how to help to resolve this issue? I’m using SmartThings App in order to control the indoor units of the Samsung VRF air conditioner system. The model MIM-H03N Wi-Fi Kit allows me via STApp to control on each individual indoor unit.
After I uploaded all available devices into WebCoRE . I see the system of the air conditioner as a single unit, and it does not allow me control on any of the individual indoor units via the WebCoRE , compared to the STApp that it does allows.
Question: Is it a BUG or I’m missing something when I setting up a model MIM-H03N.
How or What I need to do, in order to be able to control each individual indoor unit via WebCoRE?


I don’t know how that device presents itself, but I’m guessing that each indoor unit is either a separate device or a component child device.

When you make the devices available to webCoRE, are you aware of selecting devices that are obviously the indoor units?

If not, are you checking the Capability Groups for devices as the indoor units seem quite likely not to appear in ‘Sensor’ or ‘Actuator’.

The chances of success depends on what capabilities the indoor units support. There are over 200 and webCoRE only recognises a relatively small number of them. They only need to support one capability that webCoRE knows about in order to be available for authorisation.


First of all, I’d like to thank you for your reply.
I’ve indeed checked all the Capability Groups for devices. Unfortunately, WebCoRE can’t see the indoor units as it is shown in STApp. The WiFi KIT, it always appears in WebCoRE as a Group " System Air Conditioner" and not as individual indoor units.
See below where it available: 1. Capability Group-1 “Carbon Dioxide Sensors”.
2. Capability Group- 2 “Humidity Sensors”.
3. Capability Group- 3 “Temperature Sensors and also Thermostats (cooling)”.

Maybe you can explain, why it always appears as a Group?


The way devices are authorised for use in legacy SmartApps, such as webCoRE, is by asking SmartThings to list all the devices that support a particular capability. Historically, device handlers tended to include one or both of the tagging capabilities Actuator (meaning the device handler has commands) or Sensor (the device handler has attributes) so you could potentially list every device just by using two capabilities. However Actuator and Sensor have been deprecated for years, and are not available in the ‘new’ integrations. Therefore apps that potentially might want to access any device have to query for a wider range of capabilities to try and find them all. The range of capabilities known to webCoRE is quite large, perhaps sixty or so, probably representing all the capabilities that were documented at the time, so in order to keep the settings pages more compact, the complete list has been split up into smaller batches. That is all the ‘Groups’ are.

It seems the system unit doesn’t have either of the Actuator or Sensor capabilities, but does have four capabilities that webCoRE knows about in Carbon Dioxide Measurement, Relative Humidity Measurement, Temperature Measurement, and Thermostat Cooling Setpoint. Therefore it appears in the four of the capability lists.

The indoor units, on the other hand, would not appear to have capabilities that are known to webCoRE. Although webCoRE knows about something like sixty or so capabilities, there are over two hundred now.

I guess it may also be possible for the indoor units to not even exist as separate devices at all. I’m not sure about that.


Thanks again for your reply and help.
The current situation creates a problem and I’m won’t be able to control my indoor units via WebCoRE. My last question: Since that SmartThings App, indeed allows me to control each individual indoor unit. Maybe there is a way to configure something within the STApp, in order that shall allow WebCoRE capability’s to see the indoor units as well?


In addition to @orangebucket’s eloquent description above…

If the MIM-H03N is acting like a hub (controlling the other units), it might also be capable of receiving external commands. If that is the case, then webCoRE may be able to send the correct command to that “hub” so it can take over.

I wouldn’t throw in the towel just yet…


Thx a lot!
It looks like I still have hope… and it might be indeed right.
The big question is who can help me organize such a command to that “Hub” (MIM-H03N).
I’ll appreciate it if someone could send me the correct command.
Many thx !!!


I would start with the most current manual, or official online repository…
If the device accepts external commands, there is most assuredly a list or two out there…

If/once found, I would create a new, single command piston.
You can test one command at a time, by pressing Test.

After you become familiar with the acceptable controls (and potential quirks), you can start adding logic in traditional piston format.

Every company is different… Every device is different… Heck, even different versions of the same device often have different acceptable commands.

The SmartHome mantra is surely “Test, Test, and Test again…”
(and if your memory is as bad as mine, take notes) :grin:


The SmartHome mantra is surely “Test, Test, and Test again…”

Thanks for your help!!!