Thermostat control based on Door Open Sensors


I just wanted to give you a “heads-up” so you plan for the extra triggers.

For example, one logic in your current piston says:

IF Thermostat 1's mode changes
    Change Thermostat 1's mode

There are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking, I would not recommend sending a command that also triggers the piston again from the top.

(you might be OK though because it is almost the last command sent)


Hey. Thanks for the info. Which import do you have? I posted a more uptodate version a couple weeks back that may have fixed this issue.


Thanks for the review. I definitely agree I need to add some efficiency as I better understand this language/system.


Agree, this was the solution. I also noticed it reposted the updated version. Was not aware that setting the value initially was always setting it (I did not read all the info on the programming screen :wink:


thanks for the pointer. this is a slightly different approach to programming and learning the in’s and out’s :wink: