Thermostat Modes


**1) When using thermostat modes in webcore I get a list of available modes which is inappropriate for my device.

**2) Webcore sees ‘supportedThermostatModes’ correctly, so I’d expect the list of available modes to reflect that.

**3) The list of modes appears to be that from the older capability, which has now been updated to provide a much wider list. i.e. [‘auto’, ‘cool’, ‘emergency heat’, ‘heat’, ‘off’]


Do you have the correct/updated DTH for your device?


I’m the author of the DTH, which I have been updating for the new SmartThings App. Everything is working as expected, except this issue with WebCore. In particular when the thermostat modes are required in scenes and automations, the list of avalable modes is correct and consistent with ‘supportedThermostatModes’.
I should perhaps add that there is a known bug, acknowledged by Smartthings support, that sometimes lists gobbledegook on the dropdown list of available nodes produced when the presentation tile is clicked. I doubt that the 2 issues are connected.


Yes, webCoRE works with an old list of capabilities embedded in the webCoRE smartapp.

The supportedThermostatModes attribute is pretty much bespoke for using with Automations and Scenes.


Sounds like there’s an issue with the maintenance of WebCoRE itself, in particular where it has become inconsistent with the new Smartthings App.


Two key words…inconsistent and SmartThings.