Thermostat Setup


1) Give a description of the problem
I was hoping for some clarification on this piston I found searching around. Credit to @michicago for the piston.

2) What is the expected behavior?
When both my wife and I leave, the thermostat sets the cooling temperature to 76 degrees or the heating temperature to 65 degrees. When we return home, it goes back to however we had it set before we left.

3) What is happening/not happening?
At the bottom it says “resumeProgram”. Is there something else I need for this to work? Or does that just tell the thermostat to go back to it’s original set point?

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What type of thermostat are you using? Is this for a Nest? Without context, hav no idea what the ResumeProgram() function is supposed to do. You will need to look if that is a function of your particular thermostat’s device handler. Typically, you would want to save the previous value before you change it so you can restore it when you come back.


Whoops, that information would have probably been helpful. It’s a GoControl LINGCTBZ48.

That piston I found it here:


Sorry, looking at the link, I still can’t tell what resume program does. Based on the code, it must be a function in the device handler which appears to be a different device than yours.


I’m still playing with this and getting more confused by the second.

Do most people leave their thermostat in Auto mode as opposed to switching between heating and cooling mode? During Fall and Spring, I can easily have temperature swings that would have the thermostat in cooling during the day and heating during the night.

That isn’t something I want happening, so we’ve always manually adjusted between heating and cooling. That’s the part that’s throwing me for a loop on this one since I have to account for an entire pile of conditions.



Personally, I leave in auto mode but look at the forecast and, depending on the expected high, set the heating to the minimum temperature or cooling to the maximum. I have separate thresholds for each so potentially, the could both be set to ‘off’ but they can never both be set to heat and cool on the same day (unless there is a 50 degree swing inside the house) ;).


I guess I was hoping for something a little more automated and that I don’t have to mess with so often.


I never mess with mine at all. The routine looks up the weather forecast and sets the thermostat for heating and cooling automatically. The values are pre-determined and just selected based on if it is going to be a hot or cold day.


I have a Honeywell 5-2 day programmable thermostat. I set my HVAC system to turn off when the mode changes to away. And then when mode changes to home or night, I send the resume program command using Webcore. That resumes the schedule that I set up in the Honeywell app.