Time-based pistons ran 1 hour early today


We had DST change today in the UK. My HE is up todate (HPM install), but looks like its got the times wrong.

My lights have just come on at 17:20, but looking at the piston, tomorrow they’ll be coming on at 18:20. The DST change was +1hr at 01:00 today.

It’s not a big issue, but thought its worth mentioning in case this is supposed to be fixed.


what version of webcore are you running?

HE console -> apps -> webcore ->. all the data at ‘Engine block’


v0.3.114.20220203 HE:v0.3.114.20230222_HE -March 22, 2023

Hopefully I’ve type that correctly


Show me a green snapshot of a piston that did not run properly, and you still have logs for it would like to see those to.

Can be a private message if you don’t want it all in the forum.


I’ve PM’d you the piston. The part to switch the lights on is quite straight forward. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the countdown time to the next event.

I dont have the logs, as the later activity has overwritten them