Triggering Echo Dot Routine


The Amazon Echo has facility to create routines where for example if I say: Alexa, good night. It can then be configured to turn on a ST routine to turn off all lights etc, it can then be told to say a phrase like good night. Does anyone know if there is a way using ST and WebCoRE to start the Echo routine? Currently to activate a Alexa routine, I have to either say the phrase or press play on the routine via the App


Aside from getting the Echo to say a phrase, are there other actions that you can only execute via the Echo? I ask because what I do is have a piston built that runs when a ST routine executes. I can then execute the ST piston easily via an Echo routine that in turn executes the piston with multiple actions. I can also execute that piston indirectly via other pistons by setting an action to execute the ST routine. The central connection is the ST routine that is triggered via multiple methods, which in turn executes a piston with a set of actions.


For the adventurous types, I have configured my webCoRE to send verbal commands to my Echo, so webCoRE can now do anything that Echo can do. For example, webCoRE can say outloud, “Alexa, play Pink Floyd on Spotify” …or… “Alexa, set timer for 2 hours” …or… “Alexa, open distant thunderstorm” …etc…

It takes a half hour to setup, but once it is, it is super easy for all future pistons.

It requires:

  • An old Android phone/tablet
  • A bluetooth speaker connected to that Android device
  • An Echo device near the speaker
  • Tasker for Android ($3)
  • Autonotification for Android ($2)

You can read more about my technique here:


I synced my Schlage deadbolts with my ring alarm. Since doing this, I understand I cannot separately sync them with my Smartthings hub. I can, however, access the lock through Alexa (probably because Amazon owns Ring). Therefore, I believe I can only actuate the Schlage deadbolts around my house through Alexa (since Ring continues to have a closed api).