Trying to modify a piston


First this is a piston I grabbed off here several months ago (don’t remember who made it)
1) Give a description of the problem
Want to have it so when somebody comes home it says something like "welcome home ‘name’, your home is set to ‘thermostat temp’ and today’s weather is going to be ‘weather info’. I’m not super savvy at webcore and just looking for assistance because these ‘expressions’ are still pretty new to me. Right now it just says "welcome home ‘name’. So this is really the only part I need to modify -

(whoI == 1 ? ‘Welcome home ’ : ‘’) + (i > 0 ? left(who[whoI], i) + ’ and ’ + right(who[whoI], length(who[whoI]) - i - 2) : who[whoI]) + (whoI == 2 ? ’ Has left’ : ‘’)

**4) Post a Green Snapshot of the piston!