Trying to send text from Power Automate to Webcore


No prob, play with it again tomorrow :smiley:


Good morning!

Ok, I have a confession - I wasn’t scroolling far enough down to see whether the variable had been populated… I was looking at the ‘Local Varible’ area expecting the args statement to populate, when instead if I should have scrolled down further to ‘System Variables’ and I would have seen the thing working a while back (albeit with the same additional jibberish). Plus it also works using ‘Post’ in Power Automate.

Anyway, on to my next challenge. Essentially I want to transfer what is captured in the system $args variable into a local ‘DateTimeInfo’ variable, that I can then apply a push message command to, or get a speaker to read out the info stored etc.

But I cannot seem to get the local variable to populate from the system variable - nor does trying to send a push message with the sysytem variable value of {$args} work either - both just come back ‘null’ - any idea what I’m doing wrong? In pictures:

Setting the local variable to be what the $args system variable is (it doesn’t work, local variable just always lists {$args} and instead of the value that system variable contains (despite when setting it, it seems to work - note the white text box pop out shgowing what it should report):

WebCore logs if they help (note the local variable remains set to {$args} on the right side of the image.

Not sure if this makes sense, but put simply, I want to take the information sent from Power automate which is captured in a system variable and get it into a usable state to be pushed out via a message or read out by a speaker…


My word, I’ve only gone and flippin’ done it with this piston! (I changed the variable name in case you are wondering).

I can now push variables from Power Automate, and log them into a local variable using the &name=%TESTVar% suffix to the webcore piston’s external url. Amazing times.

@eibyer thank you so much again for helping get this far!


I’m glad you got it figured it out :slight_smile:

On ST, logging $args would give all of the arguments passed on to webcore but I just noticed that in HE you have to be specific in extracting the variable name. Maybe because the access_token is included in the piston url, not sure.