Turn off if >= 1 Watts for 5 seconds


I have Smartthings for years and years but somehow I only installing WebCore now.

What I want to setup :

When the kitchen’s ring (Samsung Switch with energy monitor which control an induction hub) is not used anymore(basically power is equal or under 1W for 5 seconds or more, then turn off the switch + one another switch (Fan).

now I’m a bit confused with the rule, I suppose I should select “power”

What Kind of comparison

Compare to

Value 1 ## is the unit here in Watts?

also how do I add the 5 second tolerance ?

Its seems that this might work using this format
that might work but that running every 30 seconds that seems wrong.
is that not possible to run the another way (if bellow 1w) then check again in 5 or even 30 seconds, if the power is the same then turn off?



I have not tested this. But I would try…

IF Smart Plug's power stays below 5W for 5 seconds
 Then with Smart Plug
   Turn off


That’s perfect, thank’s a lot.