Turn on automatically


I bought some non name brand zigbee outlets. Evey night they turn off at 1 am. Im trying to get them to turn back on if they were on before they turned off

The issue is that webcore dose not recognize command that the light turned off at 1am.

If i program it to recognize the switch being off for 30 secs it will kick it back on. We dont always use it so i only want it to work when it was on previously.

Piston Example: if switch is off for 30 sec, turn on switch.

Ive added day and time as a temp fix but i only want it to happen if the switch was previously on.

Example: if switch is on then turns off (which doesnt get recognized) turn switch back on.

The best option i can come up with is:

if switch was on for at least 5 mins AND time is between 12:50-1:10am AND switch is off for 30 sec then turn back on.

It just doesnt want to work…i think with having the on and off criterias in the same condition they cause it not to work.

does anybody have a piston design that might be similar that work?

Ps i will try to upload piston design and log but i will have to do this later.


Couldn’t you simply do

  switch changes to off
  time is between 12:58am and 1:02am
   turn switch on

or have I missed a requirement? The changes to off trigger means what it says, there has to have been a change.


Yeah i tried that. For some reason the off command at 1 am doesn’t get recognized. Its like the switch resets instead of just turns off.


That would suggest that SmartThings doesn’t know the switch has turned off either.

Have the switches always turned off at 1am? Seems an odd thing to do. Normally when something weird like that happens the first question has to be ‘do you use Alexa?’ as it seems to be very easy to accidentally authorised Alexa to create a routine when she has her ‘hunches’.


Its been doing it since day one. I have two of them and they both do it. Smartthings actually shows it off but it just wont trigger off it…its been a hard nut to crack. Im thinking of using a variable to get it to trigger.

If variable is true and switch is off for 30 secs turn back on.

Its really the only thing i can think of.


Write a simple piston responsive to the outlet

if( outlet changes )
  log debug ( "I'm " [outlet:switch] )

Then turn on logging on the piston, wait overnight and see what you’re actually dealing with