Turn something off after in away mode for a set amount of time


1) Give a description of the problem
I want to turn my hot water tank off after 12 hours after away mode starts

2) What is the expected behavior?
House switches to away automatically, 12 hours pass and hwt turns off

3) What is happening/not happening?
Not sure where to start


IF Smart Home Monitor status changes to Armed/Away
then Do
wait until addHours($now, 12)
turn off water heater

I am not exactly sure about the addHours. I am sure someone can correct that for me if needed.


Why not just do…
IF Smart Home Monitor status changes to Armed/Away
then Do
wait 12 hours
Turn off water heater


@Eric182, LOL, after looking at it I realize that I am making it much harder. Yes, just wait 12 hours…trying to get too fancy.


Yeah I know what to do in words, if smartthings switches to away mode, turn off hwt after 12 hours, just finding it all in the app I need to learn, if location mode changes to away, is what I’ve found so far.


First time webcore user here, be nice lol




Thanks for the help. Everyone really wants to use smart home monitor but I’ve never used that, just away mode, tested my piston by changing time to a minute and it seems to work how I have it. You’re saying if I say go back into home mode during this wait that it cancels it according to defaults? That sounds good to me


I’m not sure how to do wait 12 hours before selecting hot water tank. As per your piston example


Seems to work as is tho, thanks


In your piston above, you have an empty IF statement.