TV Accent Lights & Living Room Lights


This piston will turn on your TV’s accent lights (if you have them) and will also lower your living room light levels (if they are on) when you turn on your TV and then when your TV is turned off it will increase the living room light levels (which ever ones are on) and turn off your TV’s accent lights.

This uses the new smartthings smart wifi plug to monitor power draw from TV. You will need to adjust the power requirements in the piston as different TV’s draw different amounts of power when they are on VS off.

RGB blub 1 is the accent light strip i have mounted on back of my TV. If you want your TV to really shine, you’ll want the color temperature of the bias light to match the color temperature your TV manufacturer uses to back-light the display, so I set the temperature of the light strips to 6500k as most TVs and monitors fall somewhere between 6000K and 6500K,

Here is the piston

If anyone has any questions please ask them here.


Thank you for sharing… i have almost identical setup but didnt think about using a plug and use electricity as a trigger… this way is much easier… thanks a lot.

“Alexa… order a couple of wifi plugs” :)))


I like seeing these and comparing them to mine! See below for mine. Using the same approach but few differences.

*I found that my TV likes to do updates overnight so I had to make the power trigger over a period of time because otherwise it would just randomly come on in the middle of the night when it was updating itself.
*I also added in a luminescence differential depending on how light or dark it is in the room.
*Ended up adding some IF’s to determine basic holiday and apply those color schemes otherwise
*Strips I am using are not all RGBW so have to use colors instead of color temp to try and get as close as possible

The WAF factor on these helps since it looks very high tech when running :slight_smile:


Doing the same thing here except triggering the lights with harmony activities.


My TV also does updates but never turn’s the screen or back-light on so never goes higher then 17w when updating but when turned on goes above the 20w level. But i can see an advantage with the time restriction. Also like the luminescence add-on but i use mine in a media room which has no windows in that room so light level’s never change in there. Might have to add the IF/then statements to mine for holidays, ect, like that a lot.


The lady is a fan of the different color options so it works out! It took a minute (and some awesome help from this forum) to make the holiday scheme programming work so it you at first fail, dont give up! :slight_smile:


I to have a harmony hub and used it to turn the accent lights and media room lights on and off but found i wanted more flexibility that a webcore piston could add such as only lowering the lights that were already on when i started a activity and then raising only the lights that were already on when i turned off the TV, plus as SergL has pointed out you can change the way lights come on/off, color, etc. based on holidays, and the like. Just gives you more options to integrate it more fully with your smart home.


I never give up :grinning: Might give out, but always come back that much stronger.


I also do something similar. Luckily (I guess) my Samsung tv is a thing in smartthings so I’m able to monitor when it gets turned on.

I have LIFX light bars which I’ve setup scenes for in the LIFX app. Different scene for different part of the day. I.e cool white during the day and a warm orange at night etc.

My webcore piston will turn on the LIFX lights to the specific scene when the tv is turned on and turn them off when the tv is turned off.

Works great so far.

What I’ve also done using @WCmore great speech piston is that if the tv turns off between 9-10pm, webcore asks me through Sonos if we are going to bed early. Depending on the response, my good night routine runs which arms everything and turns off/dims certain lights.

Love the many different example pistons everyone posts. I’m always learning something new.


Hummm… speaking of learning something new that is a very good idea. Don’t have a Sonos, but i do have echo speaks and many echo dots so your idea about asking if I’m going to bed is a good one. :grinning: I already have a goodnight routine that sets a virtual switch that several of my pistons checks the conduction of which does the same thing as your speech piston does, including set an echo alarm, locking doors, turning off lights, etc.


That thread can be found over here

It may look like a long post, but basically it is one “reset” piston (working behind the scenes), and about 4 lines of code added to any piston…