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Alert Data Updated…


Thanks @Pantheon. did you add Storm watch as well?


Not yet. Sorry. I pulled all of the currently available alerts from the wiki. Storm Watch is not in there yet. I usually wait for @WCmore to clear each alert just in case there is one that we need to leave out of my list because we need more information on that alert. I don’t want to parse a particular alert out of our notifications if we need additional data for that alert. Once @WCmore is happy with the data, I add that alert to my piston.


@Koyfam, you can add any alert you want to the Alert_data list in the above piston. Especially if you are tired of getting notifications of the same alert. But as we have found, each alert sometimes gives NEW data that has not been previously recorded in the wiki.


Jumping on them now…


There has been some nice additions lately… All of the latest posts have been added to the Wiki now.

New Additions (and contributors):

… and quite a few eventTrackingNumbers (@Pantheon)

Thanks guys!!

@Koyfam, I am going to add the “$twcweather.forecast” to the other weather thread.


Updated to the latest weather alerts. New import code u7cc5.


Thanks @WCmore and @Pantheon.

@Pantheon yea I’ve been editing my piston so as not to get spammed with the same alerts. I think overnight I had about 20 lol.


Thanks @WCmore. I completely forgot about the other thread.


A bit off topic, but my Alexa just gave me my first incoming weather alert. (for a Tornado Watch)

The interesting part is: I have not set up weather alerts with Alexa. This was pushed without me doing anything. (it came in as a “Notification”, meaning green ring, and she will only recite the message once)


I have. I hope it works for me!


I guess they figure a Tornado is serious enough to push it to everyone.


I just double checked all of my Alexa settings, and didn’t see any options to opt in or out…
(without using a 3rd party Skill)

…but, I also came across this snippet:

If you say “Alexa, tell me when there’s a severe weather alert,” the digital assistant will notify you when a severe weather warning is issued in your area. You can turn this feature off by saying “Alexa, cancel severe weather alerts.”

Now I am wondering if someone in my house may have turned it on a month ago, without me being aware of it.


That’s how I started mine. It’s in the Alexa app, under settings, notifications…


Right you are… I was looking on Alexa’s web portal, and it does not show there.
(it only appears on the Alexa app)


Nothing like a freeze watch in April.

(expression) $twcweather.alerts[0].eventDescription »»» (dynamic) Freeze Watch

(expression) $twcweather.alerts[0].headlineText »»» (dynamic) Freeze Watch from FRI 12:00 AM EDT until FRI 8:00 AM EDT

[[adminDistrict:New York, adminDistrictCode:NY, areaId:NYZ179, areaName:Southern Nassau County, areaTypeCode:Z, categories:[[category:Met, categoryCode:2]], certainty:Possible, certaintyCode:3, countryCode:US, countryName:UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, detailKey:f43a0e8d-5931-3447-8c20-98d940b98396, disclaimer:null, effectiveTimeLocal:2020-04-17T00:00:00-04:00, effectiveTimeLocalTimeZone:EDT, eventDescription:Freeze Watch, eventTrackingNumber:0001, expireTimeLocal:2020-04-17T08:00:00-04:00, expireTimeLocalTimeZone:EDT, expireTimeUTC:1587124800, flood:null, headlineText:Freeze Watch from FRI 12:00 AM EDT until FRI 8:00 AM EDT, ianaTimeZone:America/New_York, identifier:b98e2ef3053167abb826fb0c3a5db421, issueTimeLocal:2020-04-16T03:45:00-04:00, issueTimeLocalTimeZone:EDT, latitude:00.00, longitude:-00.00, messageType:New, messageTypeCode:1, officeAdminDistrict:New York, officeAdminDistrictCode:NY, officeCode:KOKX, officeCountryCode:US, officeName:New York City, onsetTimeLocal:2020-04-17T00:00:00-04:00, onsetTimeLocalTimeZone:EDT, phenomena:FZ, processTimeUTC:1587023168, productIdentifier:NPW, responseTypes:[[responseType:Prepare, responseTypeCode:3]], severity:Severe, severityCode:2, significance:A, source:National Weather Service, urgency:Future, urgencyCode:3]]


Thanks, @Koyfam!

Freeze Watch (and all related data) has been added to the Wiki now.


Latest Update code 9kji


9kji isn’t working for me, but uqup is (post #287)


I just added Freeze Watch to the Alert_Data in uqup. I’ll take a look at it. But you can just add Freeze Watch to Alert_Data in the uqup and you will be up to date.