$twcweather.alerts Observations



Yes, LOTS of repeat data in the past. That’s why I have added extra conditions to my own piston to cut that down.


Sorry for the long post @WCmore. The alerts were combined. Happy holidays!

Now if only webcore can help me shovel this snow we’re about to get. :blush:


I want some!!


You can have it. Lol.

We supposed to be getting 12-18”. I’m still rocking a shovel. No snow blower.


No need to apologize…

*said in his best caveman voice*
Data… is… gud…


Yea I knew what you meant. You’re a bigger fan of data than I am lol.


It’s a shame, but I have found it to be more reliable than most people in my life.


Same here. Central pa. Refuse to buy a snowblower… Two sons and plenty of shovels.