$twcweather.alerts Observations







[[adminDistrict:Ohio, adminDistrictCode:OH, areaId:OHZ010, areaName:Lorain County, areaTypeCode:Z, categories:[[category:Met, categoryCode:2]], certainty:Unknown, certaintyCode:5, countryCode:US, countryName:UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, detailKey:16c60565-9e09-3845-9a62-2fbd0317a447, disclaimer:null, effectiveTimeLocal:null, effectiveTimeLocalTimeZone:null, eventDescription:Special Weather Statement, eventTrackingNumber:0000, expireTimeLocal:2019-11-12T20:00:00-05:00, expireTimeLocalTimeZone:EST, expireTimeUTC:1573606800, flood:null, headlineText:Special Weather Statement until TUE 8:00 PM EST, ianaTimeZone:America/New_York, identifier:56af5eda8b87b52d842fd87b517f756f, issueTimeLocal:2019-11-12T18:52:00-05:00, issueTimeLocalTimeZone:EST, latitude:0, longitude:0, messageType:New, messageTypeCode:1, officeAdminDistrict:Ohio, officeAdminDistrictCode:OH, officeCode:KCLE, officeCountryCode:US, officeName:Cleveland, onsetTimeLocal:null, onsetTimeLocalTimeZone:null, phenomena:TSL, processTimeUTC:1573602783, productIdentifier:SPS, responseTypes:[[responseType:Avoid, responseTypeCode:5]], severity:Minor, severityCode:4, significance:S, source:National Weather Service, urgency:Unknown, urgencyCode:5]]


Maybe I am reading the JSON wrong… but without an alert, I cannot test on my end…


We already tried:

but it may be:
or some other variant,


Goes to ‘evaluating’ and then returns nothing at all


That extra square bracket above always throws me unless I have an example to test in front of me…

Here is the single curly bracket method used in the flood section.


Seen with:


In the alerts I posted above, the [0] is with the ‘alerts’:

“Special Weather Statement”

“Special Weather Statement until TUE 8:00 PM EST”


Pulling up a JSON parser now… I am really hoping that hidden data is available to us here in webCoRE


Can you confirm that:
returns 2


Yes, categoryCode = 2 is in the full text above


Thanks for all your testing… I was really hoping that the full data returned with these queries, but maybe SmartThings did not pay for the “Deluxe Weather Plan”.


Maybe one of these will work then…



You’re welcome! I will continue to play around and see what happens…


both returned nothing


What I meant here was does the following return “2” in an Expression box?



You are a real trooper, @dejavux2 !!


comes back with “[NULL]”


I figured as such… That extra bracket changes the format of the request…

If we solve one, it should solve the other

My first thoughts are::


… but again, I have no alerts to test this myself


“Special Weather Statement” has changed to:

Special Weather Statement

Issued at 18:52 Tuesday 12 November 2019

At 650 PM EST, radar indicated an intense snow squall along a line
extending from near Grafton to 6 miles west of Brunswick to near
Medina. This intense snow squall will drift southeast.

2 to 5 inches of quick snow accumulation…

Locations impacted include…
Medina, Lorain, Strongsville, Brunswick, North Royalton, Wadsworth, Grafton,
Chippewa Lake, Eaton, Hinckley, Chippewa-On-The-Lake, Valley City,
Eaton Estates and Briarwood Beach.

Use extra caution if you must travel into or through this snow
squall. Rapid changes in visibility and potentially slick roads are
likely to lead to accidents. Consider delaying travel until the
squall passes your location.


For reference, this is all we have to go on the new (potential) dataPoints:
wiki/$twcweather.alerts/Unverified dataPoints


Ah ha!


comes back with “[[2]]”


Another “Ah ha!”


comes back with “[2]”