Unable to create a new piston or duplicate an existing piston


I am unable to create a new piston. When I go to the dashboard and select New Piston, I get the options to create a new piston, duplicate an existing piston, etc. No matter which option I choose, nothing happens when I click the Create button.

I tried to use Edge instead of Firefox. When I attempt to access the WC dashboard, I get the prompt to enter a registration code generated using the WC app. Unfortunately, when I go into the app and select Register a Browser, I get a blank screen instead of a 4-digit registration code. So I’m stuck.

Is this something specific to me or my account or are others seeing this, too?



I’m having the same problem as well. I believe it’s related to the api.webcore.co domain having an expired security certificate - so you browser isn’t letting the traffic through. It looks like the certificate expired today.


Tagging @ipaterson, is this something you can fix or @ady624 only?


I can’t but I’ll let Adrian know that it’s broken again. The security certificates were renewed recently so this could be something different, I’ll keep you posted.


Yeah, mobile app and PC interface not working.


I am having similar issues. Opening the WebCoRE app on an iPad or iPhone comes up to a blank white screen. Register browser in SmartApp opens to a blank screen.


This does appear to be an expired security certificate, thank you for reporting. I got in contact with Adrian but he is unable to resolve this until tomorrow.

Register a browser link blank



This is also causing emails to not send, so if you rely on pistons that email you please be aware that those emails will not be sent today and will not be automatically retried when the problem is fixed tomorrow. Pistons that are unable to send email will log the following error:

Error executing virtual command [].sendEmail: (49ms) javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path validation failed: java.security.cert.CertPathValidatorException: validity check failed


Hey folks, I poked around and was able to resolve this one. We have routinely seen SSL certificate issues affecting other systems that are only accessible to @ady624 but this particular one turned out to be resolvable with my limited access. Will take a look at why the auto renewal failed later this week.


Good news, I was able to open the app and bring up my pistons. Thanks.