Unable to delete a global variable



I don’t know when they were created, maybe during an update but I have 3 global variables with @@. I don’t use them anymore since it was buggy and I created as it was before 3 variables with only one @. Not that the @@ are not used anymore I edit them and click on DELETE but it’s impossible to delete them. Is there a way to delete these variables ?


Is this ST or HE?

Recent code on HE has overridden @@ to be hub variables on HE


It is HE. Is there a way to delete these variables since they don’t exist as hub variables.


I even created that variable as a hub variable in HE. If I modify the value in HE I see the change in Webcore. But I’m still unable to delete that variable in Webcore. Even after I delete it in HE it still exists in Webcore. It is impossible to delete it in webcore.


Dumb question, but have you tried Ctrl-F5 when looking at the Dashboard in a web browser?
(That forces a hard refresh of the page)

Alternatively, if you are on a mobile, you can try clearing your browser’s cache and reloading.


I just tried, they are still exist.


They will fix it in the next release:



I will have a fix in next release to cleanup the old global variables.
Once the release is out you will go into webcore and ‘Clear piston caches’ to have it run.