Unable to select devices


I’ve got webCoRE running on Hubitat now. I think everything is correct, from ajayjohn’s.

Whenever I select devices to include, under “Available devices”, they’ll show up, but they don’t stick. I click “Done” and go back to find nothing selected. Therefore, can’t access anything in the dashboard.


I’ve experienced the same issue while using the last couple of Webcore updates.

If I was trying to select these values after starting in the main Hubitat app, then Apps > select Hubitat Webcore, then Settings, these values did not save. If instead I chose Hubitat Webcore Storage and made these selections, then these values would be saved.


Thanks Mark - cwwilson08 found the culprit over on the HE forum:


Ah, thanks @KiloWatts I can see that now. I’d suggest that area of UI needs a bit of tweaking.


I know this topic may be out-of-date, but the issue just came up for me, and I wonder if a recent WC update for HE may have caused it…

Namely, I’ve tried (10x now) to select the desired Devices to use in a brand-new Piston. While the selection gets made properly and appears reflected in the “Use devices…” drop-down, as shown here:
…unfortunately, an entirely different set of Hubitat Devices (used in other Pistons, to be clear) gets presented inside the Piston itself, during EDIT:

I’ve been around and around in circles on this for over an hour now, but can’t dream up what else to do to “Refresh”/Force the newly picked list to “take” inside the Piston.

Thoughts?? Do I have to pick the Devices twice (once in the main WC app, and again under its Child piston)? I’m starting to think so.

NOTE: Though I’ve been using WC for a year now, I’m still a n00b because I relegate 99% of my daily routines to Rule Machine on HE.

THANKS! - Libra


UPDATE: Yep, turns out I did have to select the desired Devices twice – once in the parent WC app itself, then again for the child Piston.
Now I’m golden! Thanks for listening!!

Was this expected behavior all along, though? Doesn’t quite feel right.


Strange, that’s not normal behavior. I normally authorize devices from parent app only.