Understand offline ST and WC


So I think I need my expectations reset? I thought that ST would work offline (no internet) with my zwave remotes, plugs, and switches. I would also expect the app to work locally to control these and my zwave locks. Why doesn’t it? That also leads me to my question about webcore and if my code will work between devices and schedules without internet.



No, because webCoRE runs in the Cloud as does all custom code such as custom device handlers and apps. Basically the only ST app that runs locally is Smart Lighting and again, that is only with devices using ST stock device handlers that can run locally. Please note: not all ST stock handlers run locally. Most of ST runs in the cloud so without internet, you are out of luck.


The Hubitat hub executes locally and works when internet is unavailable.


Wow. I am a bit disappointed in a paid device. It maybe time to try a Linux based solution soon.