Updating Echo Speaks


Hi, I’m not sure this is the right place for this, so apologies in advance.

I’ve started to use echo speaks from some of my pistons. Last night I received a notification that an update was available, I headed to the IDE, and updated the smart app & drivers. However, the smart app is informing me there is a server update ( I guess the part that runs on heroku) I’m not sure how to get this updated. I originally installed using the ST-community-installer and wonder if I should have updated from there.
Everything still seems to work, but could do with getting everything in step.


You can find the server update instructions here: https://tonesto7.github.io/echo-speaks-docs/updates/server_update/

The best place to post questions about Echo Speaks is the Echo Speaks thread on the ST forum. You can find that here: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-echo-speaks-v3-actions/173073


Many Thanks, It’s updated now. Rather a long process!


Just wondering if anyone else is having any issues after updating?

Everything is working fine, however the amazon cookie/login seems to need renewing every 24 hours now. I started getting alerts every 2 secs until I went back to the login page and reentered the password. I thought it might be a one off, but it did it again today 24 hours.

This never happened before the upgrade


You may get more responses if you post in the Echo Speaks thread on the ST forum. It is listed above.